Managerial Merrygoround Thread


It’s amazing what being knocked out of the Euros by Iceland can do for ones career.



A good solid appointment, Johnny Foreigner doesn’t get the Premier League. Its not like they could go for Big Sam or Tony Pulis.



'Arry sacked by Birmingham, surely the end of the line for him.


Good riddance, a horrible conman.


Tough on the guy. Hope he gets a new job soon. Football needs Harry.




Carlo Ancelotti sacked by Bayern before Celtic and Benny Rogers get a chance to beat them


Well that answers the question of wherever did Willy Sagnol go to.


WGS is out.


Moysey putting in a “come and get me” plea for the Scotch job on 5live at the moment.


Leicester City have sacked manager Craig Shakespeare.


Neil Lennon has got the gig im unreliably informed


Christ but that is harsh!


Or maybe it’s much ado about nothing.


@sidney is currently creaming himself at the thought of all the puns


Sid is bound to be Avon a laugh over this ok .


Claudio must be laughing his head off.


Big step up for him.,