Managerial Merrygoround Thread



Paul Clement has 4 games to save his job.


Yes, a good general rule of thumb is 6 league games without a win and a manager is a live candidate for the sack. Swansea did get a good draw on the road at Southampton last week. The visit of the champions elect today was always going to end in defeat.

Those next four games are Crystal Palace (a), Newcastle (h), Spurs (@ Wembley), Watford (h)


So he needs more than 3 points in his next 4 games to avoid the chop?


I don’t have the inside track as to what the American owners are demanding of their manager. Swansea did amass 7 points from 12 from those four fixtures the last time they were played.


You justified Guidolin being sacked for only collecting 4 points from his opening 6 games last season.

I’m merely looking for consistency, Geoff.


If Swansea are languishing on 4 points or less after 6 games and Paul Clement gets his P45 on the back of that, he can have no complaints.


Frank De Boer might be getting his as well


He’s a tough job there trying to get a Big Sam side to play the football he’s trying to play, he’ll get longer than most as a result I suspect


Bilic too.

Eddie Howe as well.


If Parrish sacked Pards he’ll sack this guy


And Rafa will probably walk


@Nembo_Kid - Paul Clement has just masterminded a 0-2 Swansea win at Crystal Palace.


So he needs 1 point in his next three games to survive the sack.


Edit, wrong thread.


Bilic and De Boer will be sweating during int break


Bilic yet to play a game at home and De Boer only in the door. But both under pressure


De Boer has been sacked.


Absolute madness.


Great to have Roy Hodgson back. Fly Eagles, fly!


He was rubbish - HE WAS RUBBISH!!