Managerial Merrygoround Thread


didnt realize you were a toffee?




Koeman is old school Dutch. He believes the manager is the boss, that there’s only one voice and players are subordinate. That worked well for him at Southampton where he had young hungry players who even if they didn’t like him, did what they were told. At Everton players like Barkley thought they were superstars already and were not inclined to follow his line. Once you have a few players bad mouthing you in the dressing room in cliques, the goose is cooked if results are bad. Its becoming more and more commonplace now, players downing tools to get the manager sacked.


Hard to believe anyone wouldnt have respect for this guy



O’Neill has just launched a verbal broadside at Everton’s next manager on Sky Sports News. The war of words continues.

Be handy for him if it’s Tony O’Donoghue.


Koeman was on £6m a year!


Still less than Joe Hart. Football is fucked up


It has to be Moyesy.


the Everton job was too big for Koeman, and it far to big for Martin O’Kneel


I am predicting an audacious move for Carlo Ancelotti, who will turn down the role.

They will then throw money at Sean Dyche, similar to what they did with Koeman.


I saw a footballer I had a lot of time for, and former Evertonian, Steve Watson on telly the other night as manager of Gateshead Town in the Vanarama. You’d think he could get a better job than that.


Another former Everton right-back Neil McDonald is at an even lower managerial level, plying his trade with Limerick.


Scholes lost out on the Oldham job to some randomer so it doesn’t always work like that.


You’ve got to put in the hard yards, mate.


The true test of a good manager is the manager that improves the players at his disposal. Silva at Watford is a good example in that regard. Hull were awful last year and heading for 20 points max when he took over. Silva had them beating Liverpool at home and drawing at Old Trafford straight off and in with a chance of survival until the penultimate weekend. At Watford he is turning players who were rubbish under the hapless Walter Mazzarri into better players. As an even younger manager Silva did a serious number on Wenger in the European Cup, deploying Joel Campbell [Woolwich loanee] to beat them.

The same is true of Pochettino at Spurs. Harry Kane could barely get a game under Tiger Tim until Mossy came along. 13 of the last 19 players to make their debut for England were managed by Pochettino at the time of their debut. He gives young players a chance.


Moysey’s coming home!!


Eddy Howe is a lifetime Everton fan. Time for him to get out of Bournemouth now, he’s been there too long.


he’s at a dead end there now, time to freshen things up


A bit like Conte. Chelsea finished 10th the season before he took charge. They won the league with a record no of wins in his first season.


Big Sam would keep Everton up.