Managerial Merrygoround Thread


Wouldn’t see many similarities between Conte and Pochettino. Conte at Chelsea doesn’t have a track record of bringing though academy and young players like Pochettino has had at Southampton and Spurs. Conte doesn’t seem to place much faith in English players whereas Pochettino likes to build his sides around a core of young English players. Conte won the 2016/17 league with a lot of players that won it for Mourinho in 2014/15 before downing tools the following season to get him sacked. There were was about £120 millions spent as well on four expensive recruits - Alonso, Luiz, Kante and Batshuayi. He did well with the likes of Victor Moses who nobody seemed to rate but largely seems to need expensive finished product recruits.



Conte has a record of being successful and winning trophies. Pochettino doesn’t.


They are suffering now due to the excessive training




That would be a good name for an ice cream


Bilic keeps his job for another few days.


Claude Puel gets the Leicester job.



Simon Grayson sacked by Sunderland with them second last in the championship. Karma for playing a paedo


Should have stayed at PNE - dunno how such a big club are in the shit they are in!


Bilic has got the tin tack as Liam Brady would say.




Has he been Barney Bracked as Bill Cullen used to say?


Harry Redknapp is the man .


They’d be mad to go for Moyes. Surely Koeman would even be a better shout?


What will the dildo salesmen do ?? @Matty_Hislop


David Moyes is 1/20 now.


Twas known Sunday morning slav out and the chosen one in. We’ll just about stay up


No surprise to see the umbilical cord between Slaven and West Ham has been cut.