Managerial Merrygoround Thread


He’s better qualified than zidane anyway


Julian Lopetaqui isa member of the same ultra Catholic far right sect as Fiorontina Perez


Bielsa to Leeds confirmed, :popcorn:


Should be fun .


Brian Clough’s tenure may yet end up looking like an extended golden era of stability in comparison.

I see Bielsa’s spell in charge ending after two weeks with an explosive studio debate between him and yer man Cellino on a regional Yorkshire news programme.


Top of the league in October, midtable with a new manager in January


I think if a furious pressing style which completely drains players is sustainable for a full season in any league in the world, it’s the 46 game* Championship.

*49 games if you make it to The Richest Game In The World™.


Conte sacked.


The poor cunt, and they had him taking initial pre season


9 million richer, there’s fear of him.


Is he the guy in midfield for France as per George Hamilton?


Steve Bruce sacked by Aston Villa.


The cabbage incident tipped him over the edge


Halfway there


He went through a bad patch alright.


Nice handy job for Pards or Big Sam.


Put his arse right into the bacon slicer


Great news, he needs to finish that detective novel trilogy.


He’s done that. Striker,Sweeper and Defender. The Quickly Kevin podcast have two great episodes on the books.


Heard both of them, which is why I didn’t realise there was a third out yet. Excellent.