Managerial Merrygoround Thread


Good post @Sidney and if they are you’re own views then great. Very like the views of Ken Early off Second Captains though. Maybe you are Ken Early and if so I’ll see you at the Cats Laugh tomorrow night


Poch is the man they want,


Zidane’s tactics have generally been spot on in the CL, similar to Ancelotti’s


I’m not sure there’s enough evidence to judge Zidane as a bad “league manager” - he had two and a half seasons. In his two full seasons he won one league and was well out of the reckoning for the other. In the half-season in 2016 they were well behind Barcelona but only finished a point behind.

Where Madrid have had an advantage over Barcelona in recent years is in how they time their runs - they tend to peak for late in the season - they have concentrated much more on building up a good squad than Barcelona, who have badly neglected their squad depth.

Since Guardiola left, Barcelona have tended to peak in the first half of the season and not looked as good in the second half. In three of those seasons - 12/13, 15/16 and 17/18, that was enough to build up a winning lead in the league from a long way out.

Only in the 2014-15 season, when Madrid looked much more impressive over the first half of the season but were blitzed by Barcelona after Christmas, was this trend reversed.


He has a very basic tactical framework and that’s it. Only in 2017 were they really impressive in winning the Champions League and even then they should have been beaten by Ancelotti’s Munich.

In 2016 they had the easiest run to the final of any team I can remember and were at no stage impressive.

Again this year they should have lost out to Juventus and Bayern Munich.

Liverpool were all over them before Salah was injured and they had the game handed on a plate to them after that.

It’s as incredible a run of luck as any team has ever had in sport.


I disagree on the basic tactical framework. He has changed it up plenty in the CL especially this season. There was no need to change it much last year as they were excellent. They definitely got lucky over the three years with a very handy run the first year, and some refereeing decisions but most teams that win the CL get some luck. Juve got level this year but they retreated as usual and Real Madrid were always likely to win if it went to extra time


He also made madrid pragmatic. They often set up on the counter. Pep has left three champions leagues behind him imo simply due to trying to play the perfect game.


Ronaldo to be made player manager.


Pavel Nedved has replaced ZIdane before.


Sergio Ramos is the only man for the job


Bielsa to Leeds?



The madness continues


Has Mick McCarthy got a job yet?


I’d give it to Big Sam for the gallery


That’s a no then.


Not to my knowledge.


Found his level so, unemployed


The current Spain manager Julian Lopetegui to take over at Real Madrid after the World Cup. Looking at his career its very strange that he got the Spain job in the first place and it’s very strange that he got the Real Madrid job now


Good underage success with Spain.


How is it a surprise that a managerial appointment at Real Madrid is a surprise?