Managerial Merrygoround Thread


Let it go will you.


Ralph Hasenhuttl, ex of RB Leipzig, looks to be taking over at Southampton.


The British Talksport brigade will be apoplectic.


Hassenhuttl it is


He’s the chap that goes spying on the opposition with binoculars.


When their reporter broke the news the other morning that this fella was the likely candidate some frantic Wikipedia work started in the studio. They went through the list of clubs he played for and when they got to Bayern Munich Jim White proudly boasted that he remembered him as a player alright, though Dean Saunders couldn’t place him. The amusing part was this lad only played for Bayern Munich II, the team that plays in the German 3rd division - shows the incredible depth of Jim’s knowledge on journeymen footballers.


Paul Clement sacked by Reading


@Cicero_Dandi will be along shortly to give him his proper title.


A busted flush at this stage.


A journey man manager

Where did Jap Staam go?



Probably the most overdue sacking in the history of football.


I hate to disagree mate but sean dyche?


Yes good call on Dyche.


That’s harsh. He kept Reading in the Championship last season after inheriting an utter shambles and a side in freefall from Jaap Stam.


They finished in the exact same position as they were in when Stam got sacked and Clement only got around a point a game in the games he had. Stam had also led that Reading team to the playoffs the previous year. Would you not just accept defeat on this one?


I merely remarked he did a good job keeping Reading up last season. When he took over, Reading were in freefall, no win in 9 and just 1 win in 18. Clement got two wins in his first three matches and bagged the points to keep Reading up.


Clement has been sacked at Derby, Swansea and Reading now. He lasted less than a year in each job. He is a failure.


He’s a great lad to get the cones out for a proper manager like Ancelotti though.


Jim McGuinness has landed the dream job at Charlotte Independence, taking over from Mike Jeffries.


He gets to team up with Eamon Zayed