Managerial Merrygoround Thread


He might run into Cam and tell him what he’s doing wrong hopefully


He’s blackguarding his poor family, pulling them all over the world


Yeah poor kids - uprooting them out of the paradise that is Donegal in the winter, getting to see the world and experience other cultures


Steve Bruce taking over at Sheffield Wednesday - his 10th managerial appointment in 10 years.


It’s some racket in fairness


He loves the game


Not sure the game loves him though…


Not sure that’s true mate


His tenth overall.


In 21 years




Pochettino has cancelled all post match press conferences from yesterday. Telegraph are reporting this as significant in terms of his future lying at Old Trafford


Yes it can


Didn’t work for Mick Church.


Gary Rowett sacked by Stoke.

The Championship is mental for managerial sackings.


Meanwhile Tony Pulis has Middlesbrough in the playoff places. I’d say Stoke fans would take his dour shite again any day


Stoke and West Brom.

He did a good job with Palace too, if I recall.


Won premier league manager of the year for the 13-14 season with Palace. He left before the start of the following season because Palace wouldn’t give him any money.


Didn’t Palace go to shit after he left as well?