Managerial Merrygoround Thread


Ranieri sacked by Fulham.

Easy come easy go.


Neil Lennon has been approached by Fulham.


From the Tims to the banks of the Thames.


West Brom :roll_eyes:

West Brom sack head coach Darren Moore




Racist bastards


Barnesy was right.


Zidane back to Real Madrid apparently. Jose will be seething


great stuff

get rid of that cunt bale, bring in Neymar and the job is oxo


Why is José “seething “‘ ?


Because he thought the job would be his


He might be an idiot but he is no fool .


PSG would be a good fit, he would solidify them


He was the favourite until now and was talking himself up for the job last week


It would have been weird for Jose to go back to Real IMO. They fucked him out because he wasn’t playing Madrid style football and he’s only gotten more negative in interim.
It’d be equally bizarre for Zidane to go back IMO. What’s changed since he left?


I’d imagine he’s been promised loads of money to spend and he will be starting from a stronger position as they fell apart so badly when he left


Zidane will have the run of the place now. What a politician


It’s poor auld Poch I feel sorry for. Ole fucked him for the United job and now Zidane appears out of nowhere for the Madrid job. He’ll be stuck with bottlingham for another season now, with his stock only going down, his only hope now is a champions league miracle.




It’s Eddie Howe, I feel sorry for, if you’re right.