Managerial Merrygoround Thread


31 days :laughing:


Fucking hell. He was doing alright and all.


Actually just had a look there and he was doing shit. He had a good start

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Easy being a pundit

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It took Scholes longer to get clearance from the EFL than he lasted in the job :see_no_evil:

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There goes Steve.



Surely a role for JBM there somewhere.


Chris Hughton sacked.

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Lump on them to be relegated next season.


They’ve been poor the second half of the season, but it’s more a case of them returning to their natural level. Think it’s harsh enough to sack him


Damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Do you continue to tread water, or do you attempt to push on. He got a lot of money to spend (relatively speaking) and didn’t perform spectacularly.

He can probably have no complaints all in all.

He’ll pick up work somewhere.


Would have thought he’d enough credit in the bank to get another shot at it next year


He took them from the championship, where they hadn’t challenged for promotion in years, kept them in the Premier League for two seasons and this is how he is repaid.


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We’ll see Brighton going for a tight fitting black tracksuit wearing Germanic head coach for next year.


He bought the bones of 10 players last summer, broke their transfer record 6 or 7 times (albeit their transfer record wasn’t that much I’d imagine) and little or any of them made any degree of impact. Some have been truly godawful.

Hughton seems like a lovely man, but I doubt he’ll have been too shocked by this.


He’ll be at Cardiff next season, 70-year+ Warnock has only one year left on his contract


That Iranian chap he signed must rank with the worst signings in the EPL era.


20 million or so.

19 appearances, each one worse than the last.

Where would you be going.

Has not featured for Brighton since the start of November. Even before that the winger failed to make an impact. He has neither scored nor set up a goal in 19 league appearances for Brighton


Chris is a lovely fella