Managerial Merrygoround Thread


Schmeichel was the ringleader apparently


A wanker like his auld lad


No fear they’d pull together and have a meeting amongst themselves and say we need to sort our shit out. A lot easier to blame someone else


Damn you 2017!


Most professional soccer players cannot think anything out. The nature of it means they are kids till they retire.

Vardy is a fucking joke.


The cunt is 30 and still drinking Wkd FFS.


Fixed that for you.




Alex Neil sacked by Norwich.


Steve McLaren sacked by Derby County.


Just saw a stat there that 25% of clubs in the top 4 divisions in England, 23 out of 92, have changed managers in the last 100 days. Madness.


Great to see Tony doing so well with Blackburn - one of the good guys.


Aitor Karanka has gotten the bullet


If Steve Gibson can, like an ostrich, show the flexibility to remove his head from the sand, Nigel Pearson’s time will have surely come again.


Steve McLaren to make a triumphant return to the Riverside


I’d get 'arry in.


Tony Adams appointed manager of Granada in La Liga.


I presume he’s still absolutely nuts?


That suit


Adams once wrote-off a Sierra. He’ll now likely do the same to a Granada.