Managerial Merrygoround Thread


I know you take the internet very seriously mate, but chalk this one down to experience, get a good nights rest and come back stronger for it in the morning.


I think @Sidney 's correct here.


I do chalk my correctness on this matter down to experience, thanks.


The whole reform of local government in UK meant that a lot of traditional county boundaries were transgressed . This created discomfort in cricket circles particularly . Imagine if Parteen and Clonlara became part of Limerick City Council .


It’s getting ridiculous now.



Surely to fuck there’s a young manager out there somewhere worth a rattle before a proven failure.


Do Venkys even give a continental fuck anymore?


Tiger Tim would have been a great fit for Blackburn.

Club legend, top class young manager.


They don’t even give a subcontinental fuck.


Surely an easier way to get rid of your money at this stage? Like set fire to it.


If it was a homeowner, they’d have fucked the keys in the door of the bank by now, and said good luck.


Excellent appointment imo.

Celtic job was too big for him but did well at Hibs, WBA and Boro.

I wish him well


They could always donate some of it to the KLF who I hear are skint these days.


More fool Blackburn for going for Moan Coyle in the first place. He is the biggest whinger I’ve ever seen interviewed. Everyone is to blame but him or his team - the ref, the linesman, the opposition - a most dislikeable individual.
Venky’s have pretty much sealed their relegation with the Dad’s Army appointment :clap:


Thought they would have went with the ex-Servco/Rangers chap but he’s probably tied up in legal stuff at the minute


Mogga looks absolutely clueless I think he’s a shocking appointment


Sad but inevitable end at Leicester. Easier replace manager than dressing room.


Fucking ridiculous.
Soccer is fucked.


Footballers are cunts


“Senior players” went to the owners after the Sevilla match saying they weren’t happy with him. Imagine the cheek of (presumably) Vardy, Mahrez etc. giving out about Ranieri’s performance and the cunts haven’t tried a leg all year.