Managerial Merrygoround Thread


I agree but it’s a promotion in some respect from being an u20 coach. I’d imagine it’s difficult for a guy to break through who hasn’t a playing or a managerial background in association football. I’d also imagine that the pay is a lot more attractive. I wonder how that’s going to work with a wife and young family in Donegal


Surely they are going with him?

Surprised he is going, he was talking recently about his future plans at Celtic.

Take what you can get i suppose and no doubt the money is good.


Wrong thread


Not wrong thread


I don’t know what his family situation is but I would imagine uprooting a young family to China for what may well be a short lived experience would not be ideal


McGuiness isn’t a manager brah


He’s an assistant manager bru


He was a Coach.


He’s now an assistant manager




He’s not that young


Life isn’t ideal. We as adults overthink things like that. The wife would be the biggest challenge (for herself that is). Kids would adapt quickly and probably become better people for the experience.


Simon Grayson to Sunderland


I believe he wants to test himself in a competitive league


Its who you are working with and building more contacts. The world of Coaching, and my own game S&C, works just like business in that sense. Its all about relationships and in the modern world distance is generally not an issue for at least build a base of a relationship. I have contacts from the NFL to AFL to EPL to La Liga to Sweden, basically all because of 2 people, both i got to know online and eventually met face to face.
That is the world now.


That certainly will always challenge a true coach. You have to do your own thing to earn respect too sometimes, especially if coming from outside the circle like he is. British Management and Coaching is quite incestuous so one would image he saw barriers and this gives him some serparation to go away and maybe do something somewhat independantly.

He has the balls to do it. Thats the great thing.


It’s mad how he got the job after meeting a fella for coffee in Dublin airport a few months ago. Wonder what the spondoolix are like


I am led to believe more than any premier League Assistant Manager. Who, and other staff, get fucking raped by clubs. Obviously i have a support staff mindset and think if the biggest clubs are where the best go then thats who should make the best money but thats significantly off. A good Personal trainer in any major UK City is matching Senior S&C staff in the EPL. Successful sought after S&C private people would be making 3/4/5 maybe even more times those lads.


But on your point. Its a bit more than that. 3/4 meetings and alot of correspondance


Oh I agree it’s certainly a promotion. Just there isn’t really an established path from there back to Europe. But he wasn’t going to get any closer to Celtic’s first team so if he wanted to skip the queue a little I guess he has to go slightly unconventional.