Managerial Merrygoround Thread


I really don’t get this shite that Kilbane et al have been going on about McGuinness skipling the que.
Most footballers are absolurely shit coaches. Most do nonsense “apprenticeships”. I would question some of the things Jimmy does but he is as qualified as you can get. And understanding Soccer tactics is not that hard.


The likes of Kilbane can’t talk. Taking handy money from MOTD for a few bland summaries. No sign of him going coaching.


Great point. Where is his media degree?

And its a fucking free market, a professional world. Maybe those clowns should get up to speed.


Tbf Kilbane is pretty inoffensive in his media roles. Nowhere near the worst of them

In fact, the effort he makes in other sports is decent.


The regulation around coaching qualifications is fairly strict now. You can’t get away with just being an ex-pro. McGuinness doesn’t yet have his A Licence which means he’s not “as qualified as you can get.” He can’t manage Celtic Reserves without that licence. He then needs to sit the Pro Licence to be allowed to manage a first team in the League of Ireland (or anywhere in Europe) for example. So he has a bit to go to get to that level even. By leaving the European system he can get a bit more experience because he hasn’t managed a team yet due to his lack of qualifications.


He got sacked from 2 fairly low football jobs pretty sharply

Was found out the minute he got near the Celtic team


The licences are a farce. A completely ridiculous argume t to reference badges. Players get fast tracked thru them


Ah Kev. I knew you’d come back with something as ridiculous as that. You’re plain wrong on his qualifications. He objectively isn’t “as qualified as you can get.” He has 1/3 of the formal qualifications required and no experience of managing a team at all.

I await your unsupported anecdotal evidence telling us all why the coaching badges are a farce but maybe just this one time save everyone the time and just let it drop.


Rocko you should not really comment on things you kniw little about.

Coaching badges are why English and irish footballers are such brutal decision makers.

They are a box ticking money racket, largely ignored for instance by the Spanish and Portugese.

Badges have attracted a huge amount of people completely unsuited to coaching


McGuinness is an Exercise Physiologist and Psychologist. More qualified than any Pro Manager i can think of


Well that’s a lie.


He never played the game at any sort of semi pro level. He is more under qualified that nearly any manager I can think of.


You’re a gas man. They’re as mandatory in Spain and Portugal and Germany etc as they are in England or Ireland or anywhere else in Europe. Germany has long benefited from a national coaching structure that wasn’t in place in England for example. In Iceland you need to have badges to coach any child. That’s paying off for them.

Anyway it’s clear you’re bluffing here because you were factually incorrect. Not much value in continuing the discussion when you won’t concede when you’re wrong.


Yes they have all developed their own ststems.

But you are actually proving my point about tgem being box ticking. The countries box tick for UEFA etc but have tgeir own way of doing tgese things.

Coaching education in Ireland and England for instance is absolutely different than it is in Sweden or Iceland for instance. While England holds trials for 6 year olds Sweden is dissolving academies.

Its what they teach in thise Icelandic courses that is unbelievably and fundamentally different to Ireland. In Iceland they create a soace for kids to learn. In irelabd they show they what to do. Its intrinsic vs. extrinsic.

You are out of your depth here.


So what. Playing at a high level is not a needed to be a good coach.


Strange that the hoops just destroyed an Icelandic team this week


Is it?



Murray is something else, what a clearing boot
Fuck, wrong thread




You were quick mate, fair play
Murray was good though