Manchester United 17/18


God almighty how in the hell are they sticking with that joker, that’s a bad football team assembled at an extraordinary cost


@myboyblue was well ahead of the curve on that one.


Rafa mugs Jose off again.,




Tough place to go is Newcastle


I’m very surprised by today’s result. I thought it was the type of fixture where Lukaku would bag a goal or two.


United will be fine for 4th . Chelsea’s and Arsenal’s implosions with see to that . Improvement on last season.


Smalling is some clown. The Newcastle goal came from a free kick which was given for him diving in his own half :laughing:


They were desparate. Pogba was awful, let a Newcastle player get a free header in the box in the build up for the goal and was hauled off immediately after.
Him on the bench


Man united still box office


Absolutely, I’d change nothing quite frankly


Maybe, but they’re becoming an irrelevance on the football pitch and have recently made a baffling decision regarding the manager that is presiding over one of the most lesser than the sum of their parts teams I’ve ever seen, they’re an absolute shambles and it’s fun to watch.


Jose has never won at st James park as a manager imagine.



Sanchez was their best player by a mile in fairness


11mph. :grinning: so fuck all wind in other words.


Thats not exactly a ringing endorsement apparently.


Is that serious? I thought it was a pisstake!


A goal and an assist for big Rom, and the winner from a graduate of the famed Manchester United Youth Academy :ronnyroar:


Big Rom finally scores against a big team albeit a team in decline.