Manchester United 17/18


Game on ger


Never say die battling qualities on show here that you always get from a Mourinho side.


The palace number 9 looks a bit cumbersome .


They’ve sticking it in the mixer very effectively since Palace got their second goal.


Mourinho hasn’t a notion how to set a team up to attack anymore. Just relies on a strong defence and hoping the attackers work it out for themselves


Luke Shaw is carrying a few pounds .


He should be full back for Limerick the state of him.


Benteke has been brilliant




Big Romelu equalises. Incredible battling qualities here from Man U.


DdG saves a point again


I was just thinking he looks like a telly tubby


Great ebb and flow to this. United are in a battle here. Make no mistake. A right ding dong battle




Seriously his condition is a disgrace . I genuinely don’t think I ever saw a League of Ireland footballer in that condition .


Some save from De Gea


He has been poor enough recently.


Utd will win this


Croydon is rocking


They always score.