Manchester United 17/18






That’s some goal.


United players in amongst the crowd celebrating. This means a lot to them. Roy looks fucking gutted.






Bring on @Robert_Emmet and Co the weekend.


No shit.


What’s this? I’m just after limping in the door from ball.


Great comeback.


Its a huge win for Man U. Gap is down to 16 points now. Lengthens the odds considerably on Man City wrapping up the league against Man U on 7 April. @myboyblue will be gutted over that.


Man Utd showed great resilience to beat Crystal Palace by 3-2 . They narrowed the gap with Man City to 13 points .


16 points.


I stand corrected .


matic is some footballer
how did that nigerian fool Michael Emanalo who was director of footballl at chelsea and basically running the place till he stepped aside in cotober sell matic and replace him with the hopeless Bakayoko?


The ABUs badly rattled by tonight’s result.


Was sanchez any use?


Wasn’t playing.


I think the consensus is that he has been average enough this year . I saw him at Lansdowne Road and he was average on the night . He was amazing for Chelsea . I sometimes wonder .


Delighted for @The_Most_Infamous