Manchester United 17/18


Eric Bailly isn’t playing as he isn’t going to the World Cup…


Good news for Liverpool - that mathematically assures Brighton’s survival and they’ll be in holiday mode come May 13th.


A great achievement by Limerick’s Chris Hughton.




A new record created by Man U last night. Defeat at Brighton along with defeats at Newcastle and Huddersfield earlier in the season ensures it’s the first time in their 116 year history that Man U have lost at all three promoted clubs in the same season.


Mourinho and his puke football need to go.


Incorrect, the same thing happened in 1881 & 1894.



Real football stared in August 1992 . Nothing before that matters .


Incorrect. 1888/89 was the inaugural year of the football league, won by the Preston North End Invincibles incidentally. It would be a remarkable feat for any club to have achieved that feat in 1881 eight years before the football league was even founded. In any case, Man U weren’t founded until 1902.


Excuse the typo buddy, should read 1889 and 1894.


1973/74 was the first season that three sides were promoted. Prior to that it was two up, two down. Incidentally, Man U were relegated in 1973/74.


Fergie in a serious condition and undergoing surgery later.


Just heard a miserable mourinho taking a miserable dig at his subs/second choice players.


An uninspiring 0-0 draw away to Davie Moyes’s Hammers secures a 2nd place finish in the EPL for United and I think a first Golden Glove award for David DeGea.
Good to be top dogs of everywhere outside of Manchester, something for the fans to celebrate at OT on Sunday.
A win on Sunday will see them improve on last season’s points tally by a whopping 12 points with an improved goalscoring record and similar defensive record.
Give coach Mourinho £200million to get two genuine full backs, a marquee centre back, a creative mid-fielder and I’m confident we can at least half the gap to Citeh next season.


Has mourinho improved any United player over the last two seasons?


De Gea lol


De Gea was already great before Mou got there, his (De Gea) first season was ropey.


Coach Mourinho has done an amazing job. Man U will be the team to beat next season. To put it in perspective - Sir Alex’s triple winning team of 1998/99 won the league with 79 points. Beat Watford at home last game and the Special One will have amassed 81 points this season.


Was never a fan of Mourinho but would give him the benefit of the doubt for another season. Need a consistent center back pairing, this season has done nothing for player confidence with all the chopping and changing. Bailly and perhaps Mike Smalling if he can discover form. Not convinced by Lukaku but maybe himself and Sanchez could gel. Midfield is still the issue as it’s been since Scholes retired.


He usually goes crazy in season three.