Manchester United 18/19 - Apple and Tracksuit at it again


It’s between Chelsea, Arsenal and Utd for 4th spot. The London clubs are shitting themselves.


TBF - Utd were always gonna pick near to maximum points over the first 4 games of OGS reign … away to Spurs in 2 weeks will be the test.


Silken skills from Rashford, Bestesque.


Great to see Sir Alex back making decisions


His last decision didn’t exactly go that well.


Another for Pogba, a great guy and a great player


He’s really sticking it to Mou.


I’m not a massive watcher of Man Utd but he was always too deep under Mourinho from what I saw. Look at his two goals today, arriving in the box to finish off a chance


… and back defending, he wouldn’t do either under Mourinho.


What a weekend for United, the gap with Arsenal closed to 3 points and a massive swing in GD.


I didn’t watch enough of him before so can’t comment on that. Mourinho is some gobshite


Agreed. His ego got to him and started to believe his own hype/BS. You have no business managing if you can’t get your top performers to perform.


Are man united any good or have they got a mars bar & lucozade boost for a few games versus EPL makeweights ?


Pogba > Mourinho


Look at Pogba giving it billy big balls against the smaller clubs but when it comes to the bigger ones he will go into hiding.


Coach Solskjaer has taken to this managerial lark like a duck to water. Could be another contender for the soon to be vacant managers job at Spurs.


Like he did in the World Cup Final?


Pogba is a rolls Royce of a player given the right chance


He’s been a club manager since 2011 jeff.


January 13 will be the test of the new era.