Manchester United 18/19 - Producing McTominays on a yearly basis

Toby on the way from spurs. Martial rumored to be a part of the deal. Fuck Jose.

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£75 million for a now injury prone 29 year old centre half who cost £11.5 million could just possibly be the best bit of business yet from Chairman Dan.

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Linked with Fred also. Not the mascot

Deal agreed for Fred.

It’s nuts, but fees stopped meaning anything a good while ago. Jose is done if he doesn’t land either a title or a CL next year

95 million for Fred and Toby seems more reasonable.

Toby is an outstanding defender, he’ll improve them no end, that’s a daft price though

Possibly for Man U but there’s only a handful of clubs in the world that operate in that type of financial stratosphere that could look on that type of money for just two players as reasonable. Spurs field a starting XI most games that comes in at around £110-120 million.

Spurs are a selling club with no ambition.

He’s nearly 30 … Sanchez, Ashley Young, Valencia, Matic, Herrera, Mata, Felliani, Smalling all around the 30 Mark or over… And he’s looking to ship on Martial and other young players out… In reality he probably goes after next season … There could be a very aging side left behind.

You’re a rubbish WUM with too much ambition

Fellani, mate and smelling will all be gone. Man United’s team is a bad mix of the over 30s and under 24s. Not enough lads in their prime bar de gea.

He’s a tremendous centre half when he’s fit, possibly the best in the league. If somebody is prepared to pay north of £50 million though, at his age and recent injury track record, it’s very good business for Spurs.

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Selling your best players is never business particularly to a supposed rival. Leicester could have sold vardy for good money the summer before they won the league but they rolled the dice and won the league. Spurs have no ambition.

I agree with your point of view but Vardy is not a good example. He only had 5 premier league goals the season before they won the league

You really are a special kind of idiot,

They still could have sold. Selling players to rivals is a serious lack of ambition. Real Madrid fans if they win the champions league on Saturday aren’t going to be thinking about Liverpool’s net transfer spend. It’s all about winning. Spurs consistently sell. They never roll the dice.

Who was queuing up to buy the striker that scored 5 goals in 36 matches mate?

Maybe at Man U who get away with being the most indebted club in the world while spending that kind of crazy money on players and wages. For almost all soccer clubs, balancing the books is the first priority. Look at what happened at Coventry City in 2013, Glasgow Rangers in 2012, Portsmouth in 2010, Southampton in 2009, Leeds United in 2007 all the way back to Newton Heath in 1902. It nearly happened at Spurs in the early 90’s after Irving Scholar rolled the dice and it took us 15 years to even get back into the Top 6.

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Would portsmouth hand back their fa cup for boring year in year out stability. Of course not this is football nobody gives a fuck about a balance sheet. Only spuds. No ambition.