Manchester United 18/19 - Apple and Tracksuit at it again


Tazedescouse rattled


Taz has lost it lads. The worst meltdown in TFK history.


@tazdedub the murderer is seething


Who did the scousers murder?


:rollseyes: google it.


The mancs and the murderers having a right scuffle here.
No love lost between them.


Johnny Giles said the first thing he’d do if he was made Manchester United manager would be to get rid of Paul Pogba.

As well as being a not very good analyst, methinks Johnny isn’t overly fond of opinionated black people.


Apologise for what, telling the truth about Pogba? Not a fucking hope.


Man City are the real murderers


The mancs and scousers are having a right good Barney …


Who did the Mancs murder?


Tazdescouse seething


Arthur Balfour was one of the founding members of Manchester United… Before he became PM of Britain, he was chief Secretary of Ireland and favoured landlords as they trampled the peasantry… He also signed the document that made the creation of Israel possible and was a vocal support of murder and suppression of African natives by white colonizers.

The likes of @Watchyourtoes, @dodgy_keeper and @Raylan don’t want to discuss this dark part of the club’s history.


Funny seeing the scousers and mancs hating each other. Back in the day they used to fix results ffs


After Munich , Shankly was the first to ring Busby and offer him some players on loan… Yet the Irish Mancs and Scousers are at war with each other 24/7


It’s true I’m afraid, he was a Vice President of the club back in 1888…


The scousers fucked that one up as well.


@dodgy_keeper is only a Man U supporter since the 1990’s. All issues relating to the foundation of Man U in 1902 should be addressed to Man U super fan @Mullach_Ide.



I was waiting to see how you’d play that one.

You done well there kid.


@tazdedub @padjo squaring up to @fistoffury in rathoath