Manchester United 18/19 - Apple and Tracksuit at it again


So is Muric from the City academy or not? You were claiming he wasnt yesterday.

I claimed Pogba wasnt today and you said i was being contradictory.

You appear to be a very confused individual


Im not sure why you cant get your head around the fact pogba graduated from the man united academy. Its like moving schools in 6th year and then claiming you didnt sit the leaving cert in the new school. Its a very simple concept.


I’ve already conceded the point mate.


What year was the previous academy in this analogy? Transition? Or did Pogba leave after the Junior Cert?


I would class neither as being from the academy. You contradicted yourself by saying Muric was and Pogba wasn’t. It isn’t that hard to understand


I never said pogba wasnt from the academy you gowl


So is the original table wrong? Raheem Sterling, as a Liverpool graduate, has 10 goals


Sure the table doesnt include Spurs. Its a sham


You questioned his inclusion in the table of academy scorers for Man Utd. Why would you do that if you agreed he was from the academy? You’re tying yourself up in knots here


I raised the point to show how incredibly desperate united fans are to remain relevant. They included the goals of a 90m pound signing to fabricate a table where theyd be top.

Up your game, son.


Tapped up players shouldn’t be included


So good they bought him twice


It’s ridiculous, you’ve lads here in Ireland celebrating because the club they chose to support as small boys because their dad supported them has a player scoring a few goals after they swiped him grom the club that developed him and then ended up spending 100m on him, the same fella downed tools for most of his time with the club,
Same with Sterling, QPR was the club that developed him

But it’s fucking ridiculous in either case


Ah lovely a few crappy stats and tracky is driven insane.


Lovely, the thread has come full circle, :+1:


You’ve got to move on mate from David Beckham. Its nearly 30 years ago now. Let it go.


Giggs was at City as well


Are you over Giggsy yet mate?


Le Havre had no business claiming the high ground anyway, they were worse according the Pogba’s 1st club.


I was never under him