Manchester United 18/19 - Apple and Tracksuit at it again


They’ll have to give OGS the job full-time now


I’d only give him the job if we finish top 4 and win the fa cup or advance in the champions league.


There will be murder if he doesnt get it.


Steady on mate, they’re not scousers.


Lukaku looks like an awful donkey out there, he was a decent player not that long ago, Pogba is an outrageously talented player, how in fuck did he look so bad under Mourinho?


They downed tools


3 nil.


Neymar, Cavani and Verratti are all injured. Man Utd should be beating PSG


Manchester United’s name is on the European Cup this year.


Verratti should play, Cavani a doubt.


Another 2 goals for Liverpool Academy Graduate Sterling yesterday — That’s 13 in total for Liverpool academy graduates this season.


Congratulations mate, great news for your beloved Liverpool


Thanks, pal. It really means a lot to us diehards to climb up that table.


Who’s won this prestigious trophy in previous seasons? Golden Boot Harry must have been close to winning it single handedly for Spurs on a few occasions.


I’m not too sure, mate … I think this really prestigious competition has only been set up this year…


I believe FC Seoul are applying for entry to this randomly selected club academy goal scorers league for next season


Great going by Man Utd academy. What would their stats be if they had kept Pogba rather than re-signing him for 80+ million.


Huge game tonight. Im still in the beginners luck regards ogs. The next few weeks will tell a lot but at least hes put some confidence into the younger players again. Its great to be involved in these big ties.


Welcome back to the big time mate.


Did they ever go away? Man U were at this stage of the competition last season as well.