Manchester United 18/19 - Producing McTominays on a yearly basis

Oh for Coach Mourinho and his exciting, ambitious, thrill a minute brand of soccer.

Still won 2 bad cups which is more than spurs have won in 10 years.

Most manyoo fans I speak to yearn for klopp. It’s the style of football as much as the results that they object to. Similarly, during klopps initial time at Liverpool, the Liverpool lifelong season ticket holders I spoke to weren’t to bothered about his lack of instant success, as the football was so entertaining.

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You are either jaw droppingly stupid or else just a really really shitty WUM, I genuinely suspect it’s the latter but you’d want to give it an occasional rest

Man U really are the envy of the supporters of the 90 odd clubs in the football league with no ambition. Was it those big shiny trophies that were arriving at Old Trafford with such regularity that was the big attraction for you to start supporting Man U when you were a kid?

Roy keane.

More horse poo.

What? Portsmouth had great craic. They lived the dream. Didn’t they beat ac milan in the uefa cup? Ronaldinho scored a belter of a free kick. Won an fa cup beat most of the sides. You think their fans would be happier placing mid table every season in the championship? No only spuds care about a balance sheet. Its a fucking sport ffs.

Look mate, keep it up if you insist, but you’re talking shit and nobody will take you seriously,
Weird that you hate ‘Spuds’ so much now that you’ve a little gallery to play for,
I’m still chuckling away at the Vardy comparison earlier :smile:

I don’t hate spuds at all in fact take out united and I wouldn’t mind seeing them win the league ahead of the other clubs. Just shocking lack of ambition every season

You’re a gas cunt, one of my favourite posters :ok_hand:

Spurs have just finished 3rd, 2nd and 3rd last three seasons - we hadn’t finished in the Top 3 before that for 26 years since season 1989/90. We’ll be moving into the renovated White Hart Lane for the start of next season having almost double the capacity. Very odd comments about a lack of ambition.

Essentially you’re saying if a club doesn’t have a net spend of about £250 million every season and is not paying their players £200-300k a season, they don’t meet your criteria of ambitious.

Leicester don’t pay those wages and won the league. What have Tottenham won? Nothing.

Leicester finished 9th in the league.

They won the league.

It’s because they fended off all the massive offers for their 5 goal in 36 games striker :rofl:

Are you now saying vardy wasn’t instrumental in Leicester winning the league? Wtf?

Spurs won the league as well.

Not under chairman Dan who you are always praising.

I’m having a laugh at your claim earlier on that they were inundated with offers for him but choose to keep their 5 goal striker as a symbol of their ambition :rofl: