Manchester United 2022/23 - The Reign of ETH

May as well start this now @BruidheanChaorthainn.

A solid window of incomings and outgoings required to give the club a decent chance of finishing in the top 4 and going on some cup runs. That is as far as my optimism extends.

Lot of blather going around about budgets etc currently. If by the end of summer They’ve signed two midfielders, a CB and a striker then I’ll be happy enough. Plenty has been said about the huge amount of focus that Ten Hag puts in on the training ground, working one on one with player so there’s potential for the likes of Van de Beek, Rashford, McTominay and Fred to improve. I’d love to see him developing some of the young players that were brought in liek Diallo and Pellestre and promoting morfe of the young lads like Garner, Laird, Garnacho, Mengi, Mjebril and a load of other.

Pogba, Matic, Lingard, Mata, Jones, Cavani, Lee Grant are out of contract while the like of Henderson, Bailly There’s no point in continuing with the likes of AWB,Martial, Telles when they’re clearly not up to it and could bring in some small transfer fees to reinvest.


He’ll want to be some coach to get a tune out of Rashford and McTominay at this stage. Neither of them are spring chickens. Rashford in particular has an atrocious attitude on the pitch. Both of them lack basic positional sense and awareness on the pitch. Football intelligence in either hasn’t developed to when they initially came into the side. Still making the same mistakes.


Yeah but from the sounds of it there’s been little work done on developing this on the training ground. McTominay will always be a useful squad player to have, as long he’s happy to stay there and play that role, kind of like Darren Fletcher used to be. Every club needs players like that, better again if you didn’t pay a penny for them.

I think Rashford’s best bet at this stage is to be converted into a modern number 9. He’s lost the bit of magic, that likely came from confidence, on the left and never looked completely comfortable on the right. Definitely worth persisting with for another season to see if he can rediscover his form under a new regime I reckon.

I see Rashford in the same light as Martial - loads of talent but overall, rubbish.

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The board really need to back the new manager here. No skinflint half measures the like of which got moyesie the sack.

Martial is maddening. He might be the most gifted player at Utd but he strolls around like he couldn’t give an utter fuck. Hasn’t exactly sparked to life at Sevilla either.

Darwin Nunez lined up. Will be sensational. Even United can’t ruin this lad

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Lot of talk that way but the are more in need of a CDM and maybe a CB. Supposedly a budget of £100m - not sure I believe that and it doesn’t include the money that could be raised by selling Henderson and Martial. Nunez would cost at least £50m of that.

CDM’s don’t sell noodles in Korea

Spend it all on Nunez and they’d at least have a chance of getting back into top 4

Manyoo are like @Fagan_ODowd in a restaurant.
“The bill is xxxxxxxxx”
“That’s too cheap. Don’t you realise who we are? We are aristocracy. We have an image to uphold, double it immediately or we are walking away”

I can’t see it if Ronaldo sticks around. More likely someone who can play anywhere across the front line. The smart thing to do would be to concentrate funds on the other two positions and begin the search for Ronaldo’s replacement next summer. Of course as it’s the smart thing to do Utd probablt won’t do it.

First signings for Ten Fags will be Benson and Hedges.


Or Graeme Norton


:joy::laughing: great scene


Just saw Nunez left his agent for Mendes so no doubt there’ll be a package involving Rueben Neves and a Portuguese or Brazilian defender we’ve never heard of for around £150m.

Ten Haag has a massive job.

The first thing he needs to do is go in there and determine who out of that squad he wants rid of and who he wants to keep based on his preferred style of play. That could take all of next season.

I don’t agree with this notion that Man United need to bring in ten new players this summer - 1. Because it cannot be conceivably expected that all these players could hit the ground running together and 2. Because they are limited in the players that they can attract.

Players should be introduced reasonably gradually then. What has been apparent with United in recent years have been the purchase of players into a situation with either no style of play or a style of play which did not suit them, or of questionable character. Hence the degree of duds - I was only thinking of Alexis Sanchez recently. Bloody hell. Recruitment needs to be much better, and much more considered than it has been.


The signing of both Sanchez and Mata were hail Marys by Woodward in order to appease a coach who wasn’t happy at the transfer dealings, same for Van de Beek really I suppose.

Three first team ready players would be a good window with two decent prospects to go with the crowd from the U23s.

Start with defence in year 1. You’re halfway there then.