Manchester United 2022/23 - The Reign of ETH

Yeah he’s putting in Brooklyn as Director of football.

On behalf of his good friend the crown prince of Qatar?

Financial Times says Becks is all over this

A throwback to the days when Robert Maxwell was calling the shots at both Oxford and Derby County.

If it comes down to approving another Saudi bid vs Apple vs Ineos you imagine the EPL will have trouble getting the Arabs across the line if all three are well financed.


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Rumour has it he will be getting the Boston Celtics owner on board; given the racist tendencies of both fanbases, it would be an apt investment

Ah Liverpool. Gotcha.

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Oh, BURN @StoneCold

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@Thomas_Brady has done the research and established that Manchester United were the most racist fans. He had the pyjama boys on hopping mad.

I wouldn’t be trusting any research from someone who was indoctrinated at a Catholic-owned education institution.

Oooooft. Have a dose of that @Biff_Egan

Did he not own Reading as well and was going to merge Reading and Oxford as Thames Valley Royals.

Think he might have owned Reading too, now that our say it. Maybe the Saudis are planing on merging Man U and Liverpool.

I think its only fair that utd and liverpool fans merge for the next couple of hours to get behind England. I believe the ratoath inn is hopping.


Huge anticipation ahead of the Toy Show

@The_Selfish_Giant has arrived on a unicycle

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