Manchester United 2022/23 - The Reign of ETH

Will Man U be allowed play the semi final at Old Trafford or will they be discommoded by having to travel to a neutral venue?

Is home advantage usually granted for FA Cup Semi Finals?

Man United are on fumes at this stage. I wouldn’t rule out anything at this stage.

The international break is coming at a good time. Some of them badly need a rest. The Europa is a curse for the sheer volume of games - unless you win it.

Lucky that Fulham imploded. Outside of the first 11 the squad is really weak. Casemiro & Eriksen an awful loss. ETH has done really well, already won one cup, semi final and quarter finals in the other two. All while without a top class central striker and other deficiencies.

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Yep pretty much agree on everything there and the lack of a poacher means games are won much harder than they should be.

Bring back Greenwood. Deserves shot at redemption like anyone else.

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He deserves very little from what I can see.

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So lock up all prisioners for life? Same logic, they are irredeemable so can’t take the risk they might reoffend. He hasn’t been charged let alone convicted, no question he did wrong, but surely deserves a second chance? After displaying remorse publicaly of course.

Fuck sake :joy:

If he was a talented electrician he’d be in jail.

Second chance :joy:

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How do you feel about your English club of choice, Woolwich, fielding a player week in week out who’s got a string of allegations made against him, every bit as serious as Greenwood?

Has he been charged or suspended?

Who is that?

Sweep Sweep

Phomas Tartey

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So people who haven’t been charged with a crime should be in jail?
Strange Nazi like logic.

Sadly this will have to be my last reply on this topic, as a new poster of merely a decade my posts have to be censored in case they offend the woke.

The dry humping by Liverpool stands out there


Is that a no?

You being English & a keen observer of Court goings on etc I assume you can answer?

Was the chap not charged? And the accuser has since dropped charges?

There are a lot of posters happy to be judge, jury and executioner. The court of social media is the only justice that appears to prevail these days.