Manchester United 2022/23 - The Reign of ETH

He couldn’t do much else :rofl:

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The boys are ready, in case there is a sudden shower cc @Locke


Tht is like something that would happen to Donny

The WiFi is a great addition.

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Unleash garnacho

Garnacho causes some chaos


Ten hag ten hag ten hag ten hag !

Cas will bring Big Ears back to Old Trafford within two seasons.

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That’s some season by Erik Ten Haag. I remember was it Brighton or Bournemouth in the second game of the season. I was on the way to dingle. I thought we might get relegated.

Some turn around.


Finally off the Thursday - Sunday - Thursday hamster wheel. Relief.

Can leave that off to the 7-Up cup champions next season now, the Ratoath Inn will be packed for those early Thursday evening matches out in Afghanistan or wherever.

Credit to Ten Hag, considering what he inherited and the start he had he really has done a good job.


30 points behind City :joy::joy:


Should be more Saturday 3pm games now instead of the Sunday slots.



Welcome back to the big time lads. Congrats. Massive achievement.

We’ll still be 12:30 or 5:30 but anything beats the 2 pm slot on a Sunday

Must cost teams 7 or 8 points a season, that Europa. Between fatigue, extra games, travel etc. It’s a nightmare.

Getting knocked out by Sevilla came at the right time, the team looked knackered and need a week between games.

Anyway, it’s the nearly quadruple winners problem next season.

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By god

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Don’t have the Squad depth for it anyway.

Fwank and his stellar managerial career.
Should have tried boehlys 4-4-3

Im expecting to see these all over Dublin cup final day given the level of support Irish fans of United have given City the last few years.

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