Manchester United 2024-2025

Exactly. He knows it. Real know it. Lille know it.

So they either let him go for whatever the heck Real offer or he goes next summer for nothing.


United should let him off to Madrid. No point in buying a player who doesn’t want to be there.

A winter in Manchester training out by the sewage plant and he certainly won’t want to be there


But he is very, very good at soccer we are led to believe.

27m sterling for Greenwood. A great outcome for United.

Marseille also have themselves a steal.

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United got €500k for Van de Beek today

Not bad. Denis Irwin was 650k

I see Patrice Evra has been sentenced to jail for 12 months for abandoning his family.

It figures, always thought there was something disingenuous about him


Some climb down by Sancho.

He was fairly rubbish in Dortmund so I’d still sell him.

A wrong 'un.


What’s this?

You’d wonder do United target players with questionable moral fibre or do they teach them that there?


I read he’s accused his wife of making racist remarks.


Jesus I saw him on Snack Wars the other night. Great to see young Jadon back in the fold, I wonder what the hold up is with Greenside. I thought that Marseille deal would be done.

He loves this game

I always thought the whole footix our english working class males are better than your English working class males from 30 miles away was ridiculous but it’s becoming a pattern now.

And Darwin lad defending his family from drunken louts out to cause trouble.


Rosenborg must have taken motivation from their name being bandied about on an obscure Irish forum to summon past glory


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They never feared united. Did greenwood play?

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