Manchester United 2024-2025

I’m not sure we should be selling him.



Deffo not. Utd will need experienced players around the young lads to help bring them on

Maybe at 120 million

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I’m led to believe that Ratcliffe was in Barcelona today for a meeting.

Ernesto Valverde is the name being mentioned. (PP don’t even have him priced up :smiley: )

They’d want to be some confirmation this week on whether Ten Hag stays or goes.

Could be a major rebuild again

The Saudis love a butcher

He’d be 20 stone by Christmas if he went over there. He’d give up all pretences of taking it seriously. United will be doing some laughing if someone comes in and gives them a cent for him

Can he do it on a humid Tuesday night in Riyadh against a couple of hangmen and a conservative cleric?


Ten Hags future to be announced this week apparently.

Looks like they’re going to wrap it in old bin bags to keep some of the water out.

@BruidheanChaorthainn @Copper_pipe do either of ye buy or have done so in the past the ‘United we stand’ magazine? Andy Mitten seems a seriously alright sort id be tempted buy one to see what it’s like. I saw him on twitter there promoting the upcoming one and he said it’s about 60 pages

I haven’t yet but think I’ll get the online version for the new season. Its 30 pound for the online one and 60 to get it delivered. 10 regular copies and the summer one in June then.

With Tuchel out of the running according to Romano, Thomas Frank could be an option yet.

David Ornstein has said he has given up predicting what will happen. :man_shrugging:

Ten Hag staying according to Ornstein.

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jose mourinho win GIF by KICK

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The Liverpool posters are seething already

That Israeli apologist Jacob steinberg should be sacked by the guardian. He tried to derail the fa cup final run with his fake news

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