Manchester United 21/22

I think Ole needs to be removed from his position. The champions league knockout was a disaster, the league cup result against Man City was poor, resting players v Leicester and then the cluster fuck the other night indicate there isn’t progress. It’s easy to finish second the league so in my opinion it’s save to say there wasn’t enough progress anyway for me.

It’s exciting there’s so many good young players in the squad.

I’d expect a minimum of three summer signings. A centre back, a dm and winger. It looks like sancho could be on the way.

Mata, matic, Romero and Jones should be all gone.

I wonder could de gea and Henderson both leave and potentially sign the Milan keeper on a free? You’d Easily sell Henderson but de gea would be trickier.

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Lifetime contract required. :grin:


Who replaces him?

Weren’t you staunch Ole in not so long ago? Sudden change! Ye need an elite level manager to win a Premier League or Champions League. Poch or Conte probably the two best options available at the moment although I’d say both are just below top top level.

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On Second Captains the other day Early asked the question “who do you think would do better at Man Utd, either a) Conte or Poch or b) leave Ole in place”.
Easy answer for me, option a all day long.

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his use of the bench in the final the other night was shocking. Emery absolutely schooled him. Ole sat there for 90 minutes doing absolutely nothing. United were lucky they didn’t lose it in ET, they let all the momentum go as Emery had 5 fresh bodies on the pitch.

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I told you this ages ago brudy. It’s literally a waste of time having ole as manager if the ambition is to win leagues and champions leagues.

I don’t agree. I think you have to walk before
You can run. He has done a good job but he won’t take the side any further. He has significantly improved the squad since the moyes/Jose/ van gaal mess.

You seem to think man united have a divine right to be the best team and just sack the manager and all the players is the answer.

No I just think they should get rid of ole and should never have stuck with him as long as they have. I said it before he always does JUST enough to hang on. Not a hope of him being sacked this summer. He’s a dream for the other big clubs.

Your second paragraph describes the majority of manyoo supporters.
In addition, given the money he’s spent, “improving the squad” doesn’t really leave him glowing in credit. A dog with a mallet up his hole could have done that.
Even with lingard he’s like an oul wan whose daughter is trying to give an old handbag she found at the back of the press unused for a decade to the Vincent de Paul. Cant just quite bring herself to let it go because she might need it for a wedding if that fashion ever comes back in, just in case like.


Moyes, Jose and Van gaal didn’t improve the squad so it’s unlikely a dog with a mallet up his hole would have done it.

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Moyes wasn’t given a chance because, well, you explained it yourself. Van gaal was only a stopgap, and Jose is a busted flush who didn’t want to be in Manchester.

Your usual bluster has left you looking very silly.

This dog with a mallet up it’s hole could end up at Celtic if Man United don’t act fast.

A lot of the EPL lads seem to overrate Pochetinno

That’s a poor answer even by your usual standards.

I’d personally have conte.

Ole was flying til lads on here heaped pressure on him by posting league tables in January.

Eamonn Sweeney not sparing it in the Sindo today with his ‘Drowning out of his depth’ piece.

‘Solskjaer’s Manchester United aren’t really Manchester United, they’re Spurs’.

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Didn’t Jose get a higher points total jn his last full season than Ole did in either of his?