Manchester United Football Club 20/21

This would be huge. Sanchez is on about 15 percent of the squads total wages. Needs to be moved on.

Like they won’t have to cover that

That should signal the end of United bringing in lads from South America, the style of football just doesn’t match at all. More McTominay and Scandinavians, less Di Maria, Veron, Sanchez, Falcao etc. Leave them type of players for City if they come to Manchester.

Forlan and Anderson as well.

Heinze was a decent signing. Rafael was a favourite of mine as well.

To be fair Heinze was a bit of a psycho, he could have been taken off the streets of Glasgow. In terms of lads with South American flair Old Trafford is close to being a graveyard for their career. Even Tevez improved just by moving across the city.

Tevez was brilliant in his first season.

Interesting. Mitrović from Fulham is who I was thinking we would be linked with.

Good player but can’t see Wolves selling him.

If Wolves get a huge fee for him it’d be hard to see them turn it down, I think he’d be a great signing for United

Clubs know unoted will spend big every player united go for get 20 million added immediate

And player’s will want 40k a week extra to go outside the big boys.


:grinning: you’re an awful divil, fran.

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At least sanchez moving on will lighten the load a bit

That might help :joy:

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I’d say united will be paying a chunk of Sanchez wages until his contract is up. Or else they’ll be selling him for fuck all so inter can cover it

Traditional provincial old school outfits like Wolverhampton Wanderers can’t say no really once the financial behemoth that is Man U flex their muscles and wave the chequebook around.


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You have to feel West Ham aren’t getting bang for their buck their