Manchester United Football Club 2019/20

He’d want his head examined if he left for United.

Is that the kid that Big Fernando made shit off last week?


You are playing senior hurling now , eh Geoff . ?

He was at fault for 2 of the goals - but he has serious potential.

Man U with Ole at the wheel probably the best club to develop that potential.

1 Like I’d take a swap for dybala. I fact dybala for 40 million plus Sanchez would be good

Messi for 60 million plus Lallana and Sturridge would be a good deal for Liverpool

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He also barged over his own teammate for one of juventus’s goals. It’s impossible for a centre half that age to not make mistakes, he might still turn out world class.

If you have spurs and Liverpool fans posting on man United’s transfers you know they are good signings. You’d think they’d be more focused on the champions league final but instead they are obsessing over man United’s transfers.

It’ll be interesting to see what they do with Sanchez. Nobody can afford his wages unless it’s China.

Do United just terminate his contract and pay him off or carry him again even though everyone including himself know he’s finished as a footballer.

Shaw and De Ligt at the back for United would strike the fear of God in to any strike-force. They’d literally be eaten alive.

Shaw would eat De Ligt first

@AppleCrumbled desperately seeking the imprimatur of supporters of European heavyweights like Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool in advance of the latest Man U foray into the transfer market. Can’t really help you there Kid. I’ve only ever seen this Delight kid at Ajax play about two and a half matches.

United showing cunning here getting involved with transfer bids for players they won’t have a chance of getting. Pushing up the bids for competitors. We’ll challenge for the net spend league yet!


United, I’m reliably informed have five (5) transfer targets. Whether they will get them is another thing. There are also rumblings of inner unease about the driver.

If we sign nobody and get Sanchez out I’d be happy enough.

Will you?

That makes no sense mate. United are as shit without him as with him in the squad :man_shrugging:

He could be the new Jaap Stam