Manchester Utd 2023/24 (Part 2)

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Just shows how box office man United are two threads are required.

There’s a title race going down to the wire and Kloppo is getting his big send off, yet all anyone can talk about is Manchester United.

Its an absolute institution.


The voyeur will be along shortly to knock out another 5k odd posts.

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It’s like the Titanic attracts more column inches than its larger sister ship the Brittanic.

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Has to be the manager @artfoley

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Proper nasty between Liverpool and Villa here. It’s gonna kick right off.

What a miss from Salah :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Offside anyway

He’s finished.

Wasn’t the Titanic 1cm longer or something?

Jaysus villa are dreadful in front of goal. Limping over the line to the champions league

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Missed a hatful first half, one off the line where it was easier to score, if they weren’t all making a fortune already you’d suspect match fixing.

That one in front of goal was an absolute joke.

Serious quality coming off the Liverpool bench here now

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I liked the way yer man smiled after missing it!

Happy anniversary guys

Woulda been a shame not to acknowledge it

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It was unbelievable Jeff in fairness. Although I still think the one merse was involved in himself was more unbelievable/dramatic/a bigger achievement


Varane leaving. A magnificent defender but plagued by injuries and on huge wages.