Manchester Utd 2023/24

I think football fans in general hope he hangs in there

You could see a Foinavon effect on the leaders. The Premier League can be a lot like the Grand National. Steven Gerrard’s slip was reminiscent of Devon Loch in 1956. Kevin Keegan’s Newcastle tying up in the final months of season in 1996 was very like Crisp in 1973. Manchester Abu Dhabis “titles” of recent years reminds one of Esha Ness in 1993, who had his title voided.

And I never doubted ten hag.

His handling of Rashford is top drawer.
And I was thrilled to see McSauce coming on for him and banging in the winner.
Over to you now,Rashy :sunglasses:

You’d still be in sixth place.

Hag tried to bomb out McTominay and Officer Class Harry, their two best players.

Three league wins on the trot has the haters out in force tonight.



The kloppites and yids are seething.

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I havent read back, did Dodgy turn up yet?

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Pellistri tearing Barcelona apart.

Leicester City were Red Marauder 2001. Only one left standing after the big guns didn’t fancy it

The big lad up front scores AGAIN

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Amazing how when Manchester United knock on the door it always opens.

Its probably because its water damaged

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Hard to know what this means for Anthony ?

He will still be a woman beating cunt who can’t play soccer


I’d say the attraction of working with Ten Hag also has a lot to do with this.

Successful types attract other successful types.