Manchester Utd 2023/24

A lesser manager loses that game. Eddie is the man

Fucking pyjamas on the gimp. :joy:

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Is that @Juhniallio? Exactly how I imagine him to be.

A weird enough claim from you.

Yanited have concerns about mainoo.

It’s just such a pity we sold Danny welbeck. One of the worst decisions the club made up there with selling evans.

Fond of the ketchup?

That he’ll want to play at a higher level?


You’d wonder what other sort of dodgy deals have been going on at Ajax over the past couple of years.

Ten hag is absolutely toast. If they hire Southgate they may as well fold the club

They won’t hire Southgate. He wouldn’t last six weeks.

He was very good against Liverpool but anonymous against Brentford. So much so that my daughter did a genuine version of;

“oh look they’re bringing Mainoo on”
“No, no that means he is coming of”
“What, he’s been playing all this time???”


Southgate will surely retain his old pal McClaren

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Southgate is too good for united. Plus he wont have forgotten how the fans treated him after Keane stamped on him

Reports said he was good for about 20 mins v Liverpool then disappeared?

Twas all the green jerseys fault lads, and it has paid the price.

Game day and I’m still sick after that cluster fuck of a result Saturday. With mounty netting a goal it would have been superb with all the x.g crowd all seething.

Not sure who’ll be fit to play centre back. Evans and Varane gone off tonight.

I’d love to see mount start and surely after what garnacho done to Robertson in the fa cup you start
Him on the right.

So maybe mount does start.

I’ve a feeling he’ll go with mctominay over cas but I just don’t see that working.

I actually don’t know what he’ll do.