March Madness

Kansas with the biggest comeback in championship game history

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First upset in March Madness 2023.

#13 Furman have knocked out #4 Virginia.

The UVA point guard :man_facepalming:

He’ll be a while living that one down

#2 Arizona eliminated by #15 Princeton.

That’ll bust a lot of brackets.

San Diego State up on Alabama by 9 . 3 minutes to go. Cmaan!

4 points in it. 1:10 left.

Bama eliminated. Lovely.

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Houston down by 12 here against the convicts.

Tonight belong go to Miami. Onto the elite 8 they go.

The great man is stepping back from calling College Basketball

San Diego State, down 14 in the second half, snatch the win with the last shot.

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Yale giving Auburn plenty of it here.

We’re gonna win this.

Wimmins college basketball (and men’s) is unrale. Although americas sweetheart is struggling early doors here

Female basketball is a much better spectator sport than the men’s game

One for the unpopular opinions thread

DJ Burns is having his way with Duke