Marine le Pen


Has she got a realistic chance?
She will, as I understand it, push for frexit referendum if elected.
It has been touched upon elsewhere, but it actually may be a defining vote of our lifetime.


Cameron’s fatal mistake was in having the Brexit referendum before the French election. If he held it after Le Pen’s election or the demise of Hollande he might have experienced an EU more open to negotiations.


Agree 100%
He is a fucking idiot.


No chance . The system won’t allow it :: she might get most votes in the first leg.


True .


It all depends on what happens in the next six months and fuck knows what’s going to happen. Trying to logically predict outcomes that far in advance is a fools errand.


I’d give her a belt


Any type of terrorist attack in France between now and next May will give Le Pen a serious platform . I’m not saying that’s right, but if it happens it will render Hollande more useless then he’s already perceived.


There is a reform poll in Italy next month . Could be huge .


They’ve already had the terrorist attacks in France, big ones.


The belief that any one man can do anything about an attack is in itself dumb.


I’d say all bets are off at this stage. After Brexit and Trump, why not??


The EU is finished. The move towards integration is done for. They’ll allow further autonomy to keep it together instead.


Don’t disagree chief but perception seems to be reality at the moment.


And why do you think she is making such inroads?


Signing in. I’m an official supporter


Marine is a terrific lady in the mould of Margaret Thatcher. I fear the French are too politcially correct and have too many immigrants living there for her to win. She will emulate her father however and make the run off. This will be enough to upset one half of the establishment as the Commies were giving out it guaranteed Sarkozys election that time.


Always the way really. Just marketing has been ramped up politically. Its about having the best psychologists with you now.

Anyway point being i think in a general sense the French are smarter than the yanks and brits.

However the question is how racist are they? Agaim my feeling is way behind aforentioned, but i cannot be sure about that. History says they are a middling kinda centre slightly socialist crowd. Hostory repeats itself alot.

I would be more worried about Italy, Germany and Sweden.


No, the system cannot see her elected.


Spent a bit of time in France back in the late 80s. Obviously a completely different scene now. There is a huge second, third and fourth generation Moroccan population there and by default obviously a Muslim population. Radicalitso believe that France should be ruled by them allmost in revenge for the occupation of Morocco and similar countries by the French. For Le Pen to win she needs to get at the French psyche and try to win over the moderates. But even some of the moderates have been swayed at this stage due to the various attacks.
Don’t be surprised if she gets to the ballot paper. That’s her first mission. If she manages that, all bets are off