Marine le Pen


Big boost for Le Pen


hon le pen


In 12 months time, Ireland might be left in the EU with only Spain and Greece :astonished:


The odds for the leading candidates are Juppe at 7/5 and Le Pen at 7/4 and Fillon at 7/2.

Le Pen can make “France safe again”



Nice shirt


Hollande not running next year…


I reckon she’d fair be an animal in the sack !!!


Are you surprised?
Meanwhile in Germany the "Alternative right " has now replaced the green party as the country’s third most popular party. We know we’re in trouble if “Adolf” is the most popular name for newborns at the end of this year


Hollande hadn’t a hope.


Not if you said mass for him.His own party didn’t even want him to run


Interesting how that Emmanuel whatisname will do now.


You know the French up to now have been pretty predictable. But with recent events you just don’t know. You saw my post regarding the rise of the right in Germany. Austria will almost certainly go right as well. The French might just say fuck it. Better inside the tent pissing out.


Le Pen backing away from Frexit in latest interview.


I think her principal gripe is with the euro currency first . She has a point there TBH . I


She does indeed. She’s actually reasonably sensible, but tarred by the mainstream as a loon.
She may well charge toward the centre now as an election ploy. If she gets in it’ll be interesting.


Think the dice ( French electoral system) is loaded against her TBH .


That’s cos of her daddy


It is. But if there are shy National Fronters just like there were shy Trump supporters or Brexiteers then it might be closer than people think.