Mario Balotelli

I think this lad deserves a thread of his own to chart his various escapades.

He was throwing darts out the window from the first floor of the training ground complex down at youth team players the other day.

And he taunted Wayne Rooney’s prostitute Jenny Thompson in a crowded Manchester restaurant recently too. She was ‘entertaining’ a client and Balotelli was sitting a few tables away chanting ‘Rooney! Rooney!’ at her.

There was also that time in Italy when himself and his brother drove into a women’s prison to have a look around.

Mad bastard.

Cant leave this out Bandage

Balotelli. :clap:


Mario Balotelli ‘takes truant boy back to school and gives bullies ticking off’

Manchester City star Mario Balotelli has displayed his less-seen compassionate side by helping a young boy to overcome problems with a school bully, according to reports.

The youngster was hanging around outside City’s Carrington training ground and asked the maverick striker for his autograph, but Balotelli was more interested in why the little scamp was wagging school.

After the child told him he was being bullied, Balotelli immediately drove the boy and his mother to the school in question to give the bully a ticking off.

The Italian international then demanded to see the headmaster to make him aware of the issue, and even mediated as the two boys were sat down to resolve their differences.

A source is quoted by one paper as saying: 'Mario feels strongly about bullying and thinks it’s out of order.

‘He had no qualms about sorting the mess out as he felt the lad should not be missing out on school.’

Despite courting controversy on and off the pitch throughout his first season in the Premier League, Balotelli has occasionally displayed something of a Good Samaritan streak.

Last month, it was reported that the 20-year-old celebrated a £25,000 casino win in Manchester by giving £1,000 to a local homeless man.

What a truly alright sort :clap:

To Mario :pint:

I had a beer with the guy in Madrid once but it turned out it was just some random black lad when we looked back at the photos.

Having been given the night off by his club for ‘family reasons’, Mario Balotelli was caught on camera throwing water bombs at a meeting of Serie A club chiefs in Italy on Monday while his Manchester City team-mates were on their FA Cup victory parade.

This is class if it’s true.

On one of the football threads there’s a link to a story whereby super Mario brought back Big Brothers Sophie Reade to his apartment and ended up riding her best friend.

A legend.

Bizarre. Was Sophie Reade’s best friend masquerading as Sophie Reade or are they one and the same person

The best friend accompanied them back.

Mario Balotelli to leave city

MAN CITY ace MARIO BALOTELLI will have to curb his late-night adventures - his parents are moving in with him.
The Italian striker is leaving his Manchester city centre penthouse for a plush pad in the sticks.

And his parents FRANCO and SILVIA will be staying to help him settle in and hopefully save him some cash by cooking a few hot dinners.

Mario has racked up a huge collection of parking tickets by leaving his Maserati outside his favourite restaurant, San Carlo - even though it’s walking distance from his flat.

A source said: "Mario has had enough of the penthouse and wants to live somewhere bigger out of the city.

"His beloved dog Lucky will have plenty of space to run around and it will be easier for Mario to take him on walks.

"His folks are keen to help him out with the move and ensure he is OK.

“But he might have to behave himself now they’ll be under the same roof.”

The striker had better get rid of his darts.

Mario is back in Italy and missed the club’s end-of-season party last week.

But he is still sure his future is with The Blues.

City have put together a list of houses that will be suitable for him, including Manchester United rival WES BROWN’s pad, which is on the market.

It will be interesting to see how Mario renovates his new country house.

High jinx in LA at the moment where Mario went clean through against the Galaxy before stopping, turning around and trying to backheel a shot past the keeper. He missed, Mancini went nuts and substituted him straight away even though only 30 minutes had been played. They are currently having verbals with each other on the touchline.


Is this game on tv anywhere Bandage?

ESPN in the US. I’d say there’s links available on the usual sites.

Here’s Super Mario’s showboat:"]



:lol: unmanageable I’d say…y-man-city-boys

Mario Balotelli subjected to rotting fish in Maserati prank by Man City boys

Mario Balotelli’s Manchester City team-mates gave the prank-loving striker a distinctly fishy taste of his own medicine by planting a bag filled with kippers behind the front seat of his fancy Maserati. He discovered it a fortnight later…

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The controversy-courting Italian[/url]'s own ire-inducing antics during the year have included throwing darts at youth team players because he was ‘bored’; winding up midfielder Yaya Toure on the team’s Carrington training ground - not to mention the £10,000 of parking fines that prompted manager [url=“”]Roberto Mancini to throw a suitcase at him.
But now his City team-mates have got their own back on the 20-year-old before they headed across the Atlantic on a two-week tour, with the kippers creating a right stench in his plush set of wheels.
[left][left] [/left][/left]
A mole told The Sun that, upon returning to England last week and discovering what had happened, Balotelli ‘had his head in his hands’.
‘The smell really made him sick. It was revolting,’ said the source.
‘There were flies in the car and the leather seats in the back had rotting fish all over them.’
Balotelli’s pricey white motor is expected to be an insurance write-off because of the fishy stench of its upholstery, but the striker is already plotting his revenge, apparently.
‘He has absolutely no idea who is responsible as he has wound up so many of his team-mates over the past year,’ the insider added.
‘It won’t put an end to the pranks, though. He’s already formulating more plans.’


Banter :lol: :clap:

How do you rack up €10k in parking fines

Balotelli standing with his arms folded and looking seriously uninterested during God Save The Queen there. Good man. :clap:

The youngster has just gone head to head with Vidic. :clap: