Mary Harney

Any reason why she’s still Minister for Health?

Cos no-one else wants it apparently. As political imperatives go, it has to be up there.

Same reason as always: Fianna Fil need a mudguard and she is prepared to by the fall guy because (a) she will probably not stand for elected office again; and (b) she genuinely has a desire to fix shit, however misguided it may be.

You could stick Paul McStay in there and he wouldn’t be able to fix that shit, Bandage.

I checked to see if the Celebrity Deaths thread had been bumped when I saw this thread was resurrected.


UL has always been a bastion of neoliberalism

They’ve a great trough setup for themselves there as well.

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The mileage will be great.

No surprise harney gets a prime gig. She knows where the bodies are buried