Match Day Seven - versus Back of the Internet

Was that second half from Rocko the best 45 minutes of football we’ve ever seen at this level? Terrific stuff and another tremendous result for the franchise. We’re really motoring now.


4 all.

The way the green shirts were pouring forward in the second half we could almost gave been mistaken for Sin Nombre. We still have a long way to go before reaching their level but we’re on the right track.

Who was in goal, rocko and who was vice captain?

Tinnion was in goal and vice captain. I would like to stress that I hope Bandage still has a pivotal role to play at the football club but until all off-field matters have been resolved he will remain unavailable for selection.

His second resignation has been formally declined however and it is the belief of current management that Bandage will resume his previous roles in the fullness of time.