Matchday 20 - versus Sophis

It’s time to come clean. We’ve been trying to keep a low profile, waiting in the long grass, but it’s official - we’re are back in the title race. The table shows us on top with a superior goal difference and three games remaining. If we win all three we are champions once again.

Sounds simple but they are three very tough matches - we face Sophis (h) who have won every game since May 30th, WTS (h) and Jean Claude Van GAM (h) who have beaten us already this season.

It’s one game at a time and first up it’s Sophis - a great rival over the years, there is much respect between our two great franchises. They are still in the title race themselves and a win over us would give them a real chance. Kick-off is 7pm and supporters are advised to park away from the ground and use public transport to get there (Sandymount and Lansdowne Road DART stations are both nearby).

Early squad news is that @briantinnion[/USER] and @[USER=24]farmerinthecity[/USER] will miss out due to back injuries while M-8 has had his contract terminated and he cleared his locker last Thursday. @[USER=1408]Scrunchie[/USER] and @[USER=56]LetterkennyMan could make a return to the squad following prolonged absences.

Victoria concordia crescit.

@briantinnion - just to note that trains will not be stopping at Sandymount station between 1830 and 1915 to avoid congestion on the narrow platforms. Patrons are advised to disembark at either Lansdowne Road or Sydney Parade and make their way to the stadium on foot. TFK supporters will be entering via the green route.

Rumors swept Twitter last night that I’d made a miraculous recovery and would be available for Thursday - these rumors are false. Yes I went to the gym, yes I worked out, however, I am nowhere near ready to start playing elite level astro again.

@LetterkennyMan will not be involved with TFK this season.

However, I can confirm that @Dex trained well last night and is in contention for squad selection. He hasn’t donned the DART green colours since sustaining a serious knee injury in November 2012.

Rumours that @Bandage broke a finger in training proved to be unfounded. An xray revealed heavy bruising and swelling but he’s expected to be available and looking to build on 3 clean sheets in succession.

I really really don’t want to jinx this but we are in talks with a recently retired professional footballer about joining us for our title challenge. This could be exactly what we need to push on and win another title.

How’s negotiations going @briantinnion?

I’m following updates on twitter. This would be a huge coup for the club.

[quote=“Scrunchie, post: 817751, member: 1408”]How’s negotiations going @briantinnion?

I’m following updates on twitter. This would be a huge coup for the club.[/quote]

No comment @Scrunchie.

I’m cautiously optimistic.

Couldn’t sleep a wink last night. When I was in my early 30s I dreamed of being involved in occasions like this when I reached my mid 30s.

We probably shouldn’t let an Arsenal fan be in charge of transfer business.
We’ll end up with only 4 players for the match tonight.

Showers in D4 now. Should make for a slick playing surface tonight.

Transfer negotiations the ex-pro are at a standstill. He won’t be available tonight as we’ve missed the registration deadline.

I’m hopeful of wrapping it up this week though. He will become the first Ballon d’Or winner to ply his trade in Dublin’s astro league.

Has @Monkey Allen or Ro never won the Ballon d’Or?

At the time of going to press - no.

I feel physically sick with nerves. I’ve been awake since 4am. I need to have a comforting first grip of the ball tonight - a tame, trickly shot to collect or an innocuous cross to gather. If they score with their first attack then I won’t recover from it.

Made a massive mistake in thinking I could pay at the door tonight. Don’t suppose anyone has any spares?

If you fancy doing a bit of after dinner speaking in one of the corporate boxes I can probably sort you out.

Just came through the gates there. The Sophisosi are causing mayhem around the dart line cross-over. It was good thinking on TFK and Gardai to shut the dart down. I believe they made bits of Paddy Cullens earlier too.

The honourable thing for us to do now is to defeat GAM in the last game of the season to ensure our good friends Sophis claim the title.

Would like to see them win it alright. No shame tonight, we died with our boots on.