Matchday 3 - versus Back of the interNet

A wonderful victory for the online collective in a rain-sodden Sandymount Park last night.

TFK AFC’s 100% record was preserved thanks in the main to @Monkey Allen[/USER] 's virtuoso display upfront almost being matched by @[USER=1]Rocko 's performance as libero.

The wily duo combined for all 6 goals with the former bagging 4 and the Turk notching a brace. Some of the finishes were excellent and we played very well as a unit throughout.

We were actually on the verge of a third clean sheet in succession when leading 6-0 as the game entered the 89th minute before hanging on to record a very satisfying 6-3 win.

Well it was satisfying for everybody except @Cesc4[/USER] who went mental at our concentration lapse and railed against our late drop in standards. I’ve seen that cunt’s standards drop alarmingly late on in nightclubs in the past so @[USER=1]Rocko rightfully told him to pipe down.

@Rocko[/USER], @[USER=4]Cesc4,
@Javi, @Scrunchie,
@Monkey Allen.

@Rocko is enjoying a late resurgence in his career with 6 goals in the first 3 games of the new season.

In NFL parlance he is +6 this year, considering for the last two seasons he was -1 and -3 respectively.
Such a surprising turn of events for him he even managed to forget that he scored 2 and not 1 on Thursday evening. Although this could also be attributed to old age.

It’s a Peyton Manning like resurgence for me. If the league finished this week I’d be confident I’d be voted MVP.