Matters Regarding Limerick 🏙️

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Money is only one factor…I’d have thought hard to switch off from being so driven to what he’s at now

Sure your man below in Cork didn’t bother going to Europe at all

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He could do a Brian Crowley and be an absent sitting MEP but still claim the expenses cc @Bandage

Whats his vision for the city

I don’t think he has come up with anything new at all - improve UHL, housing etc.

The role is for city and county.

would the mayor have any input into housing or health?

Why did you tell lies about Willie Harrold?

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Most of the candidates seem to think they will, I imagine in practice the mayor’s input could be fairly limited depending on the personality in place and political allegiance.

You told lies about Willie Harrold.

And you hammered your mother.


The minister for health barely has any input into health. The mayor of Limerick will be able to do fuck all.

They can be a figure head for calling the government out though. There can be some benefit to it I think. Pushing certain issues etc. But they’ll have fuck all power.

It’s just another gravy train for some party hack

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Teresa Carmody!


Exactly why political partys should be banned from running candidates

For those of a certain vintage, Jason (later Skinnyboy Jazz) who used DJ before Tom at Termights put up a playlist to coincide with the Cobain anniversary


I passed the old Habit on O’Connell Street earlier and it has re-opened under a new brand. I also spotted the previous owner inside there, so it looks like he’s pulled a bit of stunt.

That’s gold!

Old habits die hard


I had a look at his LinkedIn there to see what kind of history he has. I didn’t realise he had Habit shops in Shannon and Kilkee also, lot growth in a short period.

I think Shannon might have been a coffe truck type setup. But ya, he got very big very quickly.

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