Mayo backers - sign in here

I’m surprised no thread has been set up for this, Dublin are the equivalent of Tipp when it comes to football. A crowd of cunts that everyone hates. I’m surprised at my fellow Limerick people here. I hope Dublin get fucking hammered Sunday, c’mon Mayo to fuck.

signing in.


I do not agree ith the sentiments above from @Anto, I quite like Dublin football and I fully expect them to win on Sunday.

However, I would like to see Mayo win it. If only to stop their incessant whining.

Signing in,fuck those jackeen cunts Hon Mayo!

I have no ill feeling toward Dublin, but have been aboard the Mayo for Sam wagon for a good while now and shall remain so until the glorious victory on Sunday.
Oh the green and red…

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Signing in. God knows these poor cunts deserve a break.

In. Ive just recently learned that they stood with us over #keady89 when the other famine ridden hovels in connacht voted against.

A real gaa county v a soccer/rogbee/hockey county. No contest.


What a post by anto clapclapclap

Signing in



Aidan O Shea has cornrows. We are going to do this.


Just hope the burly supporter who made his way on to the pitch during the replay against Kerry last year has got himself sorted for a ticket next week.

In. (have no ill will towards the current Dublin players either though.)


Signing IN.

We’ll bate the fuckers. Can’t wait till next Sunday. Kildare in the minors too. Rahoo.

Let’s do it for Padraig Nally and the Rossport 5


Well Nally anyway

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These windy cunts are easily rattled

Dublin are going to send you Enda Kenny hole lickers back to your bog strewn wasteland with yer tails between your legs.

UP DE DUBS. :slight_smile:

Kenny may well be a coffin surfing quisling cunt, but at least he didn’t bankrupt us

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