Melbourne Cup

The world’s most boring horse race is on Tuesday. Someone had to start a thread on it, might as well be the TKF Australian correspondent.

I hope Aidan O’Brien and Septimus win it, will cap a nice week of Irish gloating over here.

Let me be the first to weigh in with the first Melbourne Cup cliche… “The race that stops a nation.”

The race that gives me a major fucking pain in the hole every year more like.

A glorified ball. Everybody gets dressed up for the day but about 10% of the people actually have an interest in the racing.

It is good fun tho. It’s 3 years ago now since I went to the International rules and followed it up with Melbourne Cup day.

Why is it a pain in the hole Fitzy? I thought a Wexford traveller like yourself would be into horses?

I do like my horses SS (I am after all related to Jim Bolger). But the Melbourne Cup is a fucking joke of a race, thats absolutely impossible to bet on. Like virtually every fucking Australian feels its their national duty to get to the bookies every day for the three days preceeding it, and then you HAVE to enter the workplace “Sweeps” inevitably won by some fat cow no one likes.

The english Grand National is probably the equivalent at home., but people there seem to at least have done their homework on it and know what they’re talking about for the Grand National. Melbourne Cup? “Oh, I went for number 6, cos thats my lucky number”.


Speaking of the Grand National however, one of the best days of my life was whan Papllion won it just before I moved to Australia. I had 100 squids on at 5-1, and put 20 squids on for my mother. She couldn’t believe it when it won, the joy she had, she had never won a bloody thing on the Grand National after about 30 years of betting on it. She took the piss out of Dad for weeks after it, cos he wouldn’t put any money on it. Funny how two of the best memories I have of my mother relate to sport (that and the 1982/ 83 All Ireland Football Finals) even though she wasn’t all that interested in sport.

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Prick of a race. Up there with the Grand National alright, a travesty that it is allowed to be classified as a Group 1

reckon Septimus is the best Irish chance of the last few years though

Septimus probably is.

I’d be more interssted in the Cox Plate or Caulfield Cup personally.

Great to see your boys getting beat this morning by the Irish Fitzy

I was actually on Merseyside that day Fitzy. One of my best day’s (and night’s) racing. I bought a package deal that included ferry, transfers, hotel and tickets for €20 off the DCU racing club and we went on the ‘ran-dan’ in a big way that night.

JS Bolger is a powerful man these days, you are well related.

Anyone have a bet?

Nothing yet, but will punt something. Are you staying up for it Fran?

Not tonite SS. I just backed Septimus at 4/1. I reckon he’ll drift a bit, closer to the off cause there won’t be much Australian money for him on the track. I don’t feel like falling asleep in front of the PC tomorrow though

What time and channel is it on at lads? Could do an all nighter after the 3 hour special 800th epsiode of RAW that starts at 1am!

Not sure mac but I’m sure you’ll pick it up somewhere on the net

Just realised I have attheraces - NTL had taken it off me but now I have it back. They’ve the full 7 hours on now!

I better put the kettle on

Handy to be able to ring all my other sad bastard friends who I know will be up watching this two mile handicap tonight.

To be honest, I havent even looked at the card. Shows how much interest I have in it. Are there any other decent races on it?