Memories of the Celtic Tiger


Electrics and plumbing are the trades fellas wouldn’t take a risk with in their own house as well.

You’d have a go at tiling, flooring, painting, hanging a door but very few lads would skimp on the wiring and pipes.


A mate of mine went to Germany straight from school and did a plumbing apprenticeship. He is fucking coining it now with underfloor heating and renewable energy systems


At the moment some sparks are getting 1200 (take home) a week + lodging money I’m hearing.


I wouldn’t recommend going at wires tho if you hadnt an idea . You can burn down the house or kill someone. .

I’m clean usless at any form of slabs , paving, wood, shelves,etc…I’ll pay a lad to hang shelves


Youd make it handy if you were out on your own grafting at it.


Yeah. .easy
There are fellas from Middlesborough on site at our place. OK it’s three phase stuff and they’re experts but they can’t be got at short notice here. .
All the money drank and gambled by Sunday nite


You’d see similar lads down here in Whitegate in the refinery. The money they spend is untold in the boozers


The pub owner rubbing their hands in glee when they see the degenerates coming


1200 euro, thats most likely bullshit, mate. On top of that once you settle down in your 30’s, lodgings is a complete mugs game.

Not worth it at all.


Thats a fact.


What would 1200 a week take home equate to from a gross annual salary point of view?


In or aroud 110k id say.


And youd pay way less tax on it working for yourself too