Memories of the Celtic Tiger


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The canals and mill races of Galway engineered by Alexander Nimmo make it the most Venetian place in Ireland.

Harnessing the awesome power of the Corrib, Galway had electricity before London, and had 29 different mills at one stage…


Probably still be handier get around the place if you had a namhóg with an outboard than driving


I’ve been trying to get a plumber to do a job on a place in South Dublin since the middle of December. Not a massive job but easy enough money to replace a water pump. Every one of them I’ve contacted without fail has told me they’re too busy to take on new business. It’s 2005 all over again.


Thanks for sharing such a riveting story


Try DeWar plumbers. I had the same issue not being able to get anyone a while ago and they came out the next day. Good work too.


Thanks mate. It’s a pity others wouldn’t be as helpful.


Plumbers are the one trade that’s busy no matter the state of the economy. It’s always hard to get one of them



I think you got away with it, somebody mentioned DeWar.

The economic crash meant there was a drain on them out of the country. That’s why plumbing services don’t come on tap.


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Yeah it’s a serious trade to be in now .
Sites can’t get enough of them so it’s lads just installing systems by day and then at night off out doing nixers. .whereas before their main source was responding and troubleshooting which is hard work

I’ve half giving consideraction to jacking in semi conductors and just gping out wiring houses . One house after the other. 450 in a block getting stupid money for it… ah sher it’ll be done by 2020 I’d say.
I put a socket outside a lads house the other nite. 60 euro job. Half an hour. There are lads who charge 100 and do a few at lunch time .

I’ve a lad in here doing my attic. I give him 150 on a Saturday and 75 a night when he comes over. He’s a second year apprentice on a site near me. .told me they cant get enough bodies on site. .
Wait till intel get digging that hole in leixlIp. Every tradesman on the island will be on site there…6500 construction. …mercury mech is the place to be now


The boom is back.


How’s the clean room?




Class 10?


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