Memories of the Celtic Tiger

I thought they’ve only rolled out one or two? Seems to be a big issue of installing a number at a time. Was nearly 30 mins getting through security the Saturday before last at around 6:30am.

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2006 when Munster won the Heineken cup must have been insane

we has that tech in Shannon years ago

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I remember lads calling me in NY begging me to come home and build houses for them offering me insane money.I didn’t party though.

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I flew through Donegal airport last week. They have those machines there and they’re great. They love boasting about it saying it’s taken Dublin years to catch up with their wee little airport.

They fail to tell you though that you can’t check in online as there’s no barcode scanners in the airport. So you get your boarding pass printed and then walk 5 yards away to hand it to someone who checks it and tears it before throwing them all in a pile. It’s a lovely twee experience.


We do love reminding the Dublin bumpkins how behind they are @tass

I had some Dub in front of me last Sunday night going through at Shannon and he couldn’t get over it. “Ya wha? Ya mean i dont have to take anything out of my nag, wow! Thats unbelievable”

I remember the day when there was only one flight an hour in my airport too.